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[title size=”3″]Wild Bee Honey[/title]

Since the ancient times, Uva region has been legendary and renowned for producing excellent Bees’ Honey. With the objective of uplifting the living standards of the local community, Ella Jungle Resort launched its Community and Social Responsibility Project ‘Wild Bee Honey’. The pure harvest of the community is been examined by our experts and purchased by the Ella Jungle Resort. Then the carefully collected honey is processed, tagged and marketed in Sri Lanka.

Honey bees contribute to about 70% of the food that we intake. It is not just the honey that these tiny creatures produce for the human kind, but also aid significantly in the production of vegetables and fruits by pollinating them. The bees are also responsible for pollination of food eaten by animals. Hence, Albert Einstein had rightly said once that, “If honey bees disappear off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left.” Because, no Bees would mean no plants, no animals and no man.

Honey bees are an integral part of our eco system. They are not just important, but vital in survival of many types of crop plants as well as wild plants. However, over time, their numbers have been declining from the world because of pesticides, intensive farming, loss of habitat, climate change and global warming. A recent study has highlighted the fact that lack of honeybees has caused reduction in agriculture production.

We as “Watchguardians”, are striving to protect these ecologically important creatures, so that we mark a “Green Footstep” in preserving the Human Kind by conserving the environment and its beauty.

Many will be benefited ecologically and financially from our Wild Bee Honey project including, villagers and householders … now entrepreneurs.