[title size=”2″]There’s camping. And then there’s jungle camping.[/title]
Sri Lanka is popular among tourists worldwide for scenic beauty, sandy beaches, tropical sunshine, ancient culture and the cool climes of the hill country. No doubt, this is all available in ready-made tour packages.
But what about the hidden jungles, the wildlife, the jungle trails, the hikes, mountain climbs, the unexplored or undeveloped ancient cultural sites? These are the real wonders of Sri Lanka. And they should be seen.
To experience these wonders one has to take the path less travelled. That’s where Ella Jungle Camping comes in. To assist the nature lover and the adventurous.
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[title size=”3″]Luxury Camping[/title]

Spending the night in a jungle with luxury comforts is not a dream. Enter our Hotel in the Wild – a Sri Lankan product with the best quality materials made by our own people.

The chirps of the birds will provide the music and the millions of shining stars will provide disco lights for your dinner table.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements are supplemented with a bedside tool.

There are comfortable chairs with floor cushions in the living area. A coffee table and baggage rack – just like a hotel. There is an attached bathroom and toilet with running water. It’s lovely inside but you could also kick back and relax in the fully furnished living area outside the tent.

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[title size=”3″]Premium Camping [/title]

Welcome to your home in the jungle. You will be provided with all the comforts of home so that your stay in the jungle is a pleasure. Our tents are water and insect proof with ample space. Plus there are separators inside the tents that provide privacy if needed. Comfortable sleeping arrangements with raised beds and mattresses with clean, quality linen will be arranged in most pleasing manner … nighty night.

Camping Commodes with pipe-born water are close to your tent. Plus a covered bath area with showers and running water. Since most of our campsites are set up close to the water sources, you are free to have an Al-fresco bath.

[title size=”3″]Camping Locations[/title]

Located 12 km from Ella Town, nearby the famous Ella Gap. Ella Jungle Resort lies on the main road, the A23, between the towns of Ella and Wellawaya. If you are travelling by car directly from Colombo, please expect a 7-8 journey depending on your vehicle and traffic. We are in the process of setting up road signage so please keep your eyes open for our entrance while enroute.

Our Entrance is at the Café on the Bend Restaurant, a tall, double story, glass building with gravel parking lot. The camping site is bordering Kirindi oya and also 07 waterfalls available within the property including giant Warakara waterfall.

[title size=”3″]Food & Beverages[/title]

Your lunch will include a typical Sri Lanka meal with a taste of local spices. On your return to the campsite after your evening safari or walk / cycle ride, a delicious five course dinner including a hearty BBQ will be waiting for you. Before your dinner you will be welcomed with a glass of cold beer or a local sprit.

Your breakfast will be an american breakfast with a local touch. All the local food will be prepared in front of you. Our experienced chefs will delight your taste buds.

[title size=”3″]Excursions & Activities[/title]

Why not do some things you’ve never done before and experience those wonderful moments of here and now that come with high adventure. How about a mountain biking tour though the jungle to a local village and warm hospitality? Maybe help harvest wild bee honey. Or plough the paddy fields with the cows. Or not.

There’s waterfall adventures, high rope course, low rope course, zipper line, toddy tappers’ walk and monkey rope – all thrilling adventure experiences available right here at the resort. You’ll be assisted by our expert facilitators and guides as required because your safety is taken seriously here at Ella Jungle Resort.

Nature & Adventure Trek

Warakara waterfall is located near the border of Ella Jungle resort. To reach it you’ll have a wonderfull twenty-minute trek.

Bird Watching at Ella Jungle

Ella is internationally popular among bird watchers because there are a variety of endemic species you will surely encounter.

Adventure Activity Package

Accessing the resort through rough terrain in a 4WD and cable car or jungle trek itself is an adventure experience for anybody.

Cycling tour to Ella Sightseeing

First, you will cycle to the majestic Ravana Ella (Ravana Falls) It is located near the village of Udunuwara. This will take about half an hour.

Cycling to Buduruwagala

Buduruwagala Archaeological site is about 5 km past Wellawaya on the Thanamalwila road. You will be downhill most of the way.

Abseiling at Polgahaamuna

Polgahaamuna waterfall located at the edge of Ella Jungle Resort, it comprises three beautiful waterfall views and a natural pool.