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When in dangerous situations, the mind stops. We provide many such situations through our wide range of adventure activities in our magnificent natural setting. Whether it be a trek to a waterfall, descending through a waterfall or rock climbing, this is what you call a real adventure.

A mountain biking tour though the jungle to a local village delivers adventure plus local hospitality. Activities like our high rope course, low rope course, zipper line, toddy tappers’ walk and monkey rope will provide thrilling adventure experiences.

We are the only organization authorized to offer paragiding in Sri Lanka. Our experienced pilots will give you a fantastic birds’ eye view of the jungle.

There are so many adventures at Ella Jungle Resort. Like harvesting wild bee honey. Or plough the paddy fields with the cows. Or not. Do things you have never done before and experience the wonderful moments of Here and Now that come when the mind has no place to go … or space to function.