[title size=”2″]What Sri Lanka doesn’t have is hardly worth having.[/title]
Though a small island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka was selcted as the best place to visit out of 31 destinations worldwide. With its 65,525 sq kms, Sri Lanka is a world-class destination with diverse natural and cultural attractions.

Explore Sri Lanka’s nature and wilderness, conquer the misty mountains, paddle along the deep rivers, raft in the white waters, nature walk in tropical rainforests, cycle through Sri Lankan villages and discover unexplored Sri Lanka with Wild Holidays Travel.

Whether it be an adventure activity, wildlife safari, whale/dolphin watching trip, camping expedition, paragliding, canoeing or kayaking, white water rafting … we will make it a lifetime experience.

Beyond individual activities, we also offer round-the-island tours. Perhaps a trekking tour or a mountain biking tour or a wildlife and nature tour. We are ready, willing and able to cater to your needs.

Beyond Sri Lanka, Wild Holidays Travel offers travel experts that love travel and want to help you have the best trip possible to destinations like Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, and many other countries.

Whether a frequent traveler, first time visitor, business traveler, or family, you are in good hands. We encourage you to use all our travel services, especially our flight and hotel comparison service which make it easy for you to compare prices.

Additionally, Wild Holidays Travel offers air ticketing and reservations, hotel reservations, cruise handling, hotel and airport transfers, assistance in visa submissions, travel insurance, traveler’s cheques and more.

We are a Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authorized Inbound & Outbound Operator (License No:TS/TA/1301)

Our Services

  • Custom Tour Packages
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Hotel & Airport Transfers
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[title size=”2″]Awesome Tour Packages[/title]

Sri Lanka is popular among the tourists world for the scenic beauty, sandy beaches with tropical sunshine, ancient culture and the cool climates of the hill country. No doubt, the tourists are shown all these through easy-made, lay-back tour packages.

But, what about the hidden jungles, the wildlife, jungle trails, hikes, mountain climbs,  unexplored or undeveloped ancient cultural sites, village cultures, agriculture etc.? This is the real beauty of Sri Lanka.

It is obvious, that to experience all these and more, one has to veer away from the normal route or go off-road. That’s where Wild Holidays Travel comes in To assist the nature lover and the adventurer. We take them to the glorious yonder of the lesser known backyard of Sri Lanka. Real adventure memories to cherish for life.    see.more

[title size=”2″]Sri Lanka’s Fabulous Attractions[/title]

Sri Lanka, the 65,525sq km. island lies to the south of India. The Gem of the Indian Ocean is now dubbed the best tourist destination in the world. Yet only a small number of tourists ever experience the real Sri Lanka since life styles and culture are outside the confines of hotel-based tourism which presents only a glimpse of our island.

Sri Lanka is known for its wide and varied climes – from the highest peak of Piduruthalagala at 8200ft. (2700m) down to the world famous beautiful sandy beaches. Within this span it offers all kinds of wonderful and beautiful sites and scenes.     see.more

[title size=”2″]Things You Can Do In Sri Lanka[/title]

Sri Lanka, with its massive contrasts; topographical, ecological and cultural diversity makes it truly a ‘small miracle’… with endless nature and adventure based activities possible.

There is a wide variety of natural resources including virgin rainforests, misty mountains, waterfalls, rivers and lakes, wetlands, national parks and sanctuaries, sandy beaches and coral reefs.

Wildlife includes elephants, leopards, sloth bears, and a wide variety of birds – a paradise for adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. The wilderness of Sri Lanka welcomes explorers who love to find hidden treasures.    see.more

[title size=”2″]Hotel Reservations & Airport Transfers[/title]

As your flight touches down in Colombo Airport – Katunayake….your Sri Lanka dream holiday begins with a warm welcome by our guide or chauffer/guide at the airport who willtake you to the hotel of your choice to refresh. A full day scheduled sightseeing awaits you tomorrow.

Our team of travel consultants have contacts in Sri Lanka and in other destinations to help you choose the right hotel, resort, villa or apartment – or a safari camp in the middle of nowhere!    see.more