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Wild Bee Honey

Since the ancient times, Uva region has been legendary and renowned for producing excellent honey. With the objective of uplifting the living standards of the local community, Ella Jungle Resort launched its community and social responsibility project ‘Wild Bee Honey’. The harvest of the community is purchased by Ella Jungle Resort, processed, tagged and marketed in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Contribution of the bee hive project for the conservation of green Environment

It is a matter of concern that the rate of tree felling is progressing uninterruptedly thereby destroying the trees in the environment being cut down. This, in turn,has a direct  and negative impact on the animal world.

This ecological tragedy also has an adverse effect on weather patterns and eventually us … which is should be everyone’s main concern.

There should be drastic restrictions imposed on the cutting down of trees. A viable and effective policy should be enforced to conserve forests and as well as workable scheme of reforestation.

Since rearing of bees on commercial scale depends on flowering plants, it is critical to maintain and encourage the nurturing of flowering trees.The more trees, the more and better Wild Bee Honey. Yum.

There will be many who will benefited financially from our Wild Bee Honey project including villagers and householders … now entrepreneurs.

Street Dog Care and Control

A portion of our profits goes toward the care and control of street dogs around our places of business.

Adopt-a-Tree Program

Today, only 17% of Sri Lanka is covered by trees. Our tree planting programme “ShakaSanga” provides individuals with an opportunity to help us help keep Sri Lanka green.

Planting a tree helps counter greenhouse gas emissions by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide. According to the Department of Agriculture, one forested acre annually absorbs 6 tons of carbon dioxide while outputting four tons of oxygen – enough for 18 people a year.

Planting trees improves water quality as it limits runoff and erosion, allowing ground water supplies to recharge and transport sediment, which acts as a natural filter, into streams – according to the USDA. Some trees shelter livestockand provide homes for wildlife … and some produce delicious nuts, fruits and berries.

Wild Holidays pioneered and achieved the goal of planting trees and creating a nature friendly land area along side the highly respected place of buddist worship “Bellanville Rajamaha Viharaya”.  This land area, belonging to the temple, had been used by neighbors and passers-by to dump garbage.

Wild Holidays Concept for a Green World

Humanity has not woven the web of life alone. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to our thread … since all things are bound together.

Forestlands give us life. It is a precious resource that was once our own habitat prior to urbanization. In order to operate an eco-friendly business we have plans and practical solutions as follows:

Environmental Monitoring Process

  • Maintaining a database of primary research data about flora and fauna.
  • Monitoring the waste disposal system with the zero damage to the environment.
  • Day to day monitoring of organic farming and its maintenance.

Infrastructure Planning

  • Ella Jungle Resort was constructed by using 100% bio degradable materials.
  • Our rooms, restaurant and main building have been planned to not disturb nature but to enhance a holistic experience.
  • We promote the traditional way of domestic lighting to conserve energy.

Environmental Activities

We are continuously carrying out the planting of more than 100 varieties of trees

Major benefits associated with establishing tree planting into cleared agricultural landscapes are the improvements in habitat and biodiversity. Cleared agricultural landscapes are highly simplified systems that have little structural or floral diversity. Our planting program:

  • Improves soil structure
  • Reduces the risk of soil erosion and the loss of valuable topsoil
  • Reduces nitrification, sedimentation and degradation of waterways
  • Reduces the risk of salinisation of land and waterways
  • Increases biodiversity at both the local and regional levels

We are members of following organizations

  • International Eco tourism Society
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka